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Social Media

You Get What You Measure. In a digitized world, merely having a digital footprint is not enough!  One needs a persona for the Brand & its connection & reputation.

In doing so, it allows you to reach, nurture, and engage with your target audience — no matter their location

There is no single yardstick for measuring success, however some brands solely attach success on socials to followers growth (not entirely agreed), while more progressive and mature approach by focusing on KPI metrics: brand reach, audience engagement, site traffic, influencer activities and brand awareness.

Based on the approach, a brand can define & gauge its own cadences by measuring social media KPIs by tracking it weekly, monthly, or bimonthly.

Great question! Social media stands strong in its own right, but to be most effective, it should work in conjunction with your integrated marketing plan.

Marketing strategy & Social media as an activity should designed to work in tandem for with objectives to be aligned in driving the sales funnel towards a common goal.

Strategic elements such as segmentation, targeting, positioning, and all go-to-market activities reflect a clear and consistent understanding of the value the company offers to its customers and how the company seeks to capture value from attracting and retaining these customers over time.
If you’re planning to promote an event you’re hosting, leverage social media as a platform to discuss topics around the event, while utilizing the event hashtag.

Website Design & Development

We start off at with huddles, brainstorming sessions on Strategy, Branding & Identity Design. Next, we provide 3-4 Logo designs as options to choose from.
Site structure & page layouts & content is finalized after expanding client brief and receiving final approval.

Though, we guide on importance of SEO, brand strategy & copywriting, we however treat it separately as a part of additional services.

Then, we rollout a first cut or draft version of website for acceptance, testing. Post approvals, we launch/ host final version.

Upon completion of website, we handover - website file(s) along with associated database(code files, images, templates, license keys) to the customer.

Once handover and knowledge transfer is done then one can opt for any other service provider for maintenance / updations as there is no lock in period or contract.

For a customized website which is tailor made for specific to nature, needs and taste of the client - we go for multiple iterations right on design selection, navigations, image selections, niche content development, brand implementation & messaging. Based on finalization in each of these modular elements, we do incremental model towards final delivery of finished website.

For most projects, cost is broken down in parts of the delivery milestone. In general it's a split payment in two equal parts. One are made at the start (advance) and other end of the project.

However in keeping up with investment needs & expenses to met out by our customer, we can work with you to set up a schedule that meets your needs in whatever way possible.

We accept through all major payment gateways, checks, PayPal, and all major credit cards.

We are only an email away! We’re here to help you as much or as little as you need, and we won’t disappear once the site is launched. We’ve been doing this for many years, so we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

We craft creative and optimized landing pages and websites that help you achieve your online business goals. We always make a point that the websites developed by us are adaptive to mobile devices and, they are SEO friendly.

We create a visual appeal, ensure intuitive navigation with clear calls to action. Also, we optimize the content and use the best SEO-friendly practices. Everything matters: Site Structure, Naming and Labeling Schemes, Customer-focused Navigation Practices.

We concentrate on advanced SEO practices, keywords in the content, links structure, clear CTA, share via Social Media CTA.  

We incorporated web designs that use the best code practices so that your website is ranked by well Google & other major search engines for the organic SEO results.

We provide all the needed SEO support and services to make sure our digital products have their deserved places on Google SERPs and are accessible by your target users. Our detailed SEO audits help our past and continuous clients see the development of their digital presence or prevent potential issues.

With more devices come varying screen resolutions, definitions and orientations.
A responsive Web design is not only about adjustable screen resolutions and automatically resizable images, but rather about a whole new way of thinking about design.

Branding & Identity

We follow the approach from a customer’s experience of your business by integrating and applying digital tools along with knowledge base and best practices.

In Branding & Identity - we at first we initiate delivering Brand message / Value creation, next is Customer experience mapping towards  aim to achieve "loyalty royalty". in this process we capture entire value chain points along with intangibles for communication delivery.

With highly personalised, relevant and engaging experiences develop customer loyalty and ensure retention. We turn your audience into advocates with CX.

As a part of tailor made packages/ proposal are meant to be a comprehensive marketing solution, we try to make them incredibly robust.

We not only execute marketing strategies, we manage them as well.
Regardless of whether you’re an SMB or large corporation, our packages are designed to work with you. We get you the most of your marketing spend through our years of experience, industry expertise and our ability to deliver campaigns with results.

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